We are on Cloud

Our 3PL software is cloud based and you can manage your multiple business units within one instance. Cloud applications enable the business to implement new functionality immediately and at a lower cost than with traditional on-premise implementations.

How Our 3PL Software Will Work?

Our 3PL / Order Fulfimment software is divided into two parts (Admin Panel & Client Panel). "Admin Panel" maintained by Warehouse team and they can do all the Operations for 3PL Business. And your customers will get "Client Panel" access. By using "Client Panel", your customers can directly raise Inbound and Outbound Order requests. Once your customers raise any requests, immediately Warehouse team will get those Order details and they can preform remaining operations. Also, your customers can see their current stock, orders history, invoicing details anytime on cloud through Client Panel.

3PL Software Key Modules

Inbound Operations

In the Inbound Operations Process, the client will raise request warehouse team to bring their material in Warehouse. Then warehouse team will send vehcile to bring material and store into warehouse. Before receiving the material, quality team will check the quality of received material.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management module cover all the warehouse operations including putaway (auto bin allocation), internal inventory move, warehouse to warehouse inventory move, material kitting, replenishment. Our 3PL system supports multiple warehouse and zones & each zone have multiple locators.

Outbound Operations

In the Outbound Operations Process, the customer will raise request warehouse team to ship their material from warehouse to their customers location. Then warehouse team will use vehcile / third party courier services.

Material Return

Material Return Involved Inbound and Outbound Orders return.

Vehicle Management

Fleet management is an administrative approach that allows companies to organize and coordinate work vehicles with the aim to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide compliance with government regulations.

Invoicing & Payments

Invoicing & Payments module records and processes accounting transactions such as expenses capturing for customer services, Invoicing for customer expenses, Invoicing for storage utilization and AR Payments.

Business Intelligence Reports

We have developed unique KPI (key performance indicators) reports for each department / module. These reports are meaningful, understandable, accurate and will help management to take decissions quickly and accurately.

3PL - Carrier Partner Integration

It is very important to integrate different carrier partners with logistics companies for identifying the shipping charges. We have successfully integrated our 3PL Warehouse Management Software with various carrier partners like, DHL, FedEx and UPS