Inbound Operations Functional Process

3pl inbound order process functional flow

Inbound Operations Key Points

In the Inbound Operations Process, the client will raise request warehouse team to bring their material in Warehouse. Then warehouse team will send vehcile to bring material and store into warehouse. Before receiving the material, quality team will check the quality of received material.

Inbound Order

Customer will raise request you to bring their Material in your Warehouse. This request we called as Inbound / Schedule Pickup Order

Schedule Pickup

Pickup Department will prepare one Pickup Order / Note for bring Inbound Order materials from your Customers place to your Warehouse

Material Receipt

Once Truck come to your Warehouse along with Inbound Order Materials / Goods, Then Material will unload into Receiving Bay

Material Quality Check

After Material unload into Receiving Bay, QC Department will check How much Qty Received & Material have any problems?

Upload Received Items Images

During Quality Checking, User's can upload multiple Images of each Received Material in our 3PL software for future reference.

Barcode Generation

One Unique Barcode will be generate for each Received Material. This Barcode contains the Customer's Details, Item Name and etc...