Outbound Operations Functional Process

3pl outbound order process functional flow

Outbound Operations Key Points

In the Outbound Operations Process, the customer will raise request warehouse team to ship their material from warehouse to their customers location. Then warehouse team will use vehcile / third party courier services.

Outbound Order

Customer will raise request you to send their Material from your Warehouse to their Customers. This we called as Outbound Order

Shipment (Pick List)

A Shipment is defined as a physical outbound movement of goods or materials from the warehouse or it is the issue of physical goods.

Pick & Ship Confirmation

Before Shipping the Material, Our system providing two step verification for confirming whether you are sending correct Items or not?

Packaging & Labeling

Packaging and labeling is display of information about a product (Item Names, From etc..) on its packaging or the product itself.

Hand Held Terminal

Our System provided the Hand Held Terminal application for Pick and Ship confirmation to scan the Barcodes for correct Items.